2022 Sarata Monteoru & Buzau – Theater Tools for Dramatic Situations

Theater Tools for Dramatic Situations

At the beginning of February, Eva Boute & Dylan Kuijper participated and attended a training course in Sarata Monteoru & Buzau, titled “Theater Tools for Dramatic Situations”. Besides The Netherlands, 16 other European countries participated as well. Eva and Dylan learned how important cultural diversity is and how easy and fast someone can exclude minorities, refugees or migrants. Even with little background information someone can be very judgmental without even knowing the full story. We learned this at an activity which was called the “Interrail – whom and why we discriminate”. Also, to raise awareness and with activities like Silent Dialogue, six thinking hats and the World Café, we learned a lot about the importance of equal opportunities, the effects of discrimination and which interventions/solutions are most valuable for prevention of reduction of these situations.Dylan en Eva in RoemeniëEva Boute
My experience with project in Romania was simply great. At first, I didn’t really know what to expect. Of course, I’ve been given a schedule of the week and daily program but you don’t know how it actually works because it was my first time on a Erasmus+ project. Through Dylan, who has been working at Digg-Out for some time, I learned about this project and enthusiasm for these projects was very contagious. There was no hesitation about joining him and represent the Netherlands when he asked me to tag along.

Early in the morning on Wednesday the 2nd of February, my adventure started at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. After a short flight we landed in Bucharest, a city we briefly visited in the afternoon because we arrived a bit early. After our tour we met the rest of the participants back in the airport. We started talking to each other and already made some connections. When everyone was gathered, we took a bus to Sarata Monteoru, our first guest house where we stayed the first 5 days. The first day was informative and focused on getting to know each other while playing name games and energizers.

The rest of the days we had to portray stereotypes of your own country through a sketch how foreigners view our country and how ‘human rights’ differ in the world. Along the way we got to know the other countries even better attending the intercultural nights. Every country brought his own food, music, stories and drinks which was very nice and interesting. What I really liked was the Romanian evening, where the hosts provided a well-organized evening, through all kinds of activities I’ve risen my awareness of this topic and learned so much of the importance of cultural diversity.

Working to the end of the project, we could choose to show a performance of LARP (Life Action Role Play), Role Play or Forum Theater. This was performed for every one of the projects, including students from a local high school with a big interest of theater. I chose to perform in Forum Theater which made me realize that there are multiple ways and solutions to solve issues concerning minorities and refugees. I am very proud that I was included in this project and every other participant was very pro-active, social and worked very hard to make this project a success.

Dylan Kuijper
Dealing with important issues like discrimination and excluding minorities is very important to me. I’ve been working in the past in a refugee camp where I have experienced a lot of suffering, discrimination and exclusion. Mostly lead by ignorance, misunderstanding and lack of empathy. This project was a wonderful reflection of how society can act sometimes and how easy we as individuals can judge, discriminate or exclude others from society. The project helped to raise my awareness about this topic and how different countries are acting towards this topic. Which solutions/interventions are helpful and what kind of background information is necessary

My overall experience with this project was amazing. The hosting organization and the programme was outstanding. This was my fifth project and one of the best experiences I’ve had. Everything was well organized. Working with nice people from different countries and different backgrounds was very interesting and informative. Everyone was pro-active, interested and excited to work on this project. For me the activities where we had to work in groups with the Six Thinking Hats was really helpful,

A big difference about this project and other projects I’ve participated in concerning discrimination and exclusion is that this project was that everyone was more open-minded, more focused on activities and finding solutions than just handing out theory about the topic. I want to thank everyone for this wonderful experience, the hard work, the effort and the hosting organization who made everyone comfortable, provided everything we needed and communicated everything well-scheduled.

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