Digg’Out, de andere jongerenorganisatie

Digg’Out is de andere jongerenorganisatie, een organisatie voor dwarsliggers. Die jongeren empowert, traint en coacht om meer grip op hun leven te krijgen. Wij zijn een organisatie vóór jongeren, dóór jongeren. Digg’Out richt zich vooral op dwarsliggers, jonge mensen die zich niet graag conformeren aan de gevestigde ideeën en een eigen koers en tempo volgen in het leven…


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Digg'Out1 day ago
Nog enkele plekken vrij voor een jongerenuitwisseling in Nederland. 7 tot 14 augustus 2019. leeftijd tussen de 13 en 18 jaar. Deelnemende landen Nederland en Oostenrijk. Topic plezier en 'eten'. Interesse? mail naar nanette@diggout.eu
Digg'Out3 days ago
Happy to say that our 3 participants had such a good time with the people of #MIJARC SEMINAR “Let’s have our say”” Kranevo - Bulgaria Mo Lion & @laquisa wolda & Sporry Gio
Digg'Out heeft zijn/haar status bijgewerkt.3 days ago
EU project was successfully implemented!
The Young Enlighteners Organization of Azerbaijan has concluded another project – “Social Inclusion Through Healthy Lifestyles: Cross-sectoral youth policy development in Eastern Partnership”. The project was financed by Erasmus+ programme, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency and involved other five partner countries: Georgia, Moldova, Italy, the UK and the Netherlands.
The primary goal of the project was to enhance the ability of youth organizations and youth workers in Eastern Partnership Countries to work on social inclusion through cooperation of youth policy development to promote healthy life style. Implementation of the project began in December 2017, continued until January 2019. Through this year, the project consisted of educational activities for EaP youth workers in the EU, networking activities for the establishment of a Community of Practice with youth policy makers working in social inclusion, creation of Good Practice Resources, which used in local youth policy meetings and workshops successfully.
As a result, the project achieved its goal of improving Moldovan, Georgian and Azerbaijani youth organizations in the field of healthy lifestyle. By involving EaP youth in workshops helped them to boost their knowledge, skills and abilities. Incrementally they became ready to promote the project’s main mission not only in EaP countries, but also in the UK, the Netherlands, and Italy.
Through networking discussions for future cooperation, it was obvious that international events and local seminars in this topic will be implemented in EaP countries soon.