Digg’Out, de andere jongerenorganisatie

Digg’Out is de andere jongerenorganisatie, een organisatie voor dwarsliggers. Die jongeren empowert, traint en coacht om meer grip op hun leven te krijgen. Wij zijn een organisatie vóór jongeren, dóór jongeren. Digg’Out richt zich vooral op dwarsliggers, jonge mensen die zich niet graag conformeren aan de gevestigde ideeën en een eigen koers en tempo volgen in het leven…


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Digg'Out6 days ago
Met trots hierbij het 'Voorproefje' van de eerste Diggout documentaire. De lange versie is voorlopig alleen op Diggout te bekijken.

Trots op de openheid de oprechtheid en het kwetsbare van jezelf te durven laten zien.

Props voor alle #diggoutkids Joeri Bleumer en fonds ZOZ 💛💛💛
Digg'Out1 month ago
Never is it dull moment in our organization. Beautifull people, fantastic moments.
Digg'Out2 months ago
Libanon SWOP Day 1 & 2, by @dylan kuiper

Marijn and I arrived at the 8th of November in Beirut, Lebanon. It is such a great experience already. On the first day we got to know eachother better playing all different kind of name games and ice breaking games. A great group of people already started bonding.

At day one we used our body and our voice through meditating. By listening to you body and mind we came closer towards ourselfs. The group is very pro-active and respectful.

The main focus of this training course is to use theatre as a tool to prevend radicalization and extremism among youngsters whom facing social exclusion. The participants are from all different countries. Such as Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Morocco, Jordan, Denmark, Lebanon and The Netherlands.

On day 2 we started the day with energizers. This helps to focus your mind and it is also fun! We learned what radicalization is, well at least we were trying to define it. We used storytelling as a theatre tool. We had to create puppets from our local papers we had to bring from our countries. And last but not least, we had all countries presentating their countries at intercultural night. Like I said; it is such an amazing experience already and we still have a lot of days to come!